Senzani reduces overfill

Research does not stop in the Senzani facility where new solutions to improve machine performance are constantly being studied. This time, the company’s team of researchers has perfected a weighing system made up of Senzani BE 15 weighers, with the objective of replacing the traditional “volumetric” cup filler, both on Senzani machines and on existing machines.


The retrofit which improves precision in weight and allows saving in product give away, has already been implemented for the first time on another brand of cartoning machine at the end of 2009, completely replacing the less accurate telescopic dosing cups. The revised group of BE 15 weighers, benefitting from advanced technology, reduces overfill to a minimum: an inconvenient but necessary habit, if faced with an uncertain dosage.


Confirming a new market trend, Senzani has recently successfully fitted groups of weighers not only on machines capable of processing large weights (5-7 kg, where the incidence of overfill is more evident) but also on machines that work with smaller volumes. Always dedicated to customer satisfaction, Senzani designs solutions that can be integrated even on preexisting lines, both cartoning machines and bagging machines, using avant-garde electronic controls to ensure maximum precision.

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